Business processes description is the visualization of the company through detailed processes flowcharts. With such tool all employees (especially “newbies”), can work without help of others and quickly enter into a new position or role. The description is a business card through the prism of processes and interactions. Through the study and analysis of existing documentation, as well as during meetings with process owners and their participants, a clear graphical representation of the process is formed.


The determining function of this tool is to create a visual step-by-step instruction. We record the progress of the  company’s current business processes in the form in which it operates at the time of the audit. After that, the process may undergo changes or remain unchanged.

In any case, its description will become a guide to the tasks.

The description of the processes is carried out not only to understand how to optimize in the future, but also to simplify the company’s internal processes today.

Often, new employees can not quickly carry out their tasks due to lack of processes understanding. With a similar description in the flowchart format, it will be easier for any employee to understand and formulate a sequence of actions in accordance with their own work needs.

The result of the description may be an instruction for implementation, a list of resources, indicators, requirements for process products and personnel, as well as a set of all necessary process documents.

Process formalization projects are also an opportunity to start a dialogue within the company, implement effective communications and set up workers for real change. By illustrating all the components of the process, you can reject ineffective actions and simplify understanding of the roles of each participant.


  • want to understand and record the progress, results, resources and performance of each business process in detail;
  • there is a need for increased transparency in the processes implementation;
  • want to get a tool for simple and effective analysis;
  • want to understand the real cost of the process and resources for its implementation;
  • want to create a clear understanding of the actions for new employees’ fastest adaptation and effective start of work;
  • want to understand the interrelation between the requirements and the results of all business processes;
  • need a complete picture of the processes, functional units and employees interactions
  • want to stop “extinguishing fires” and live in force majeure;
  • want to move to system management business;


  1. Together you and MANAGEABLE team develop project plan.
  2. A team of internal change experts is formed and, if necessary, external experts are involved.
  3. A communication work is being conducted inside of the company: the goals, tasks, and subsequent steps are studied.
  4. Personnel is taught how to “Building Efficient Business Processes”..
  5. Company’s existing documentation is studied: organizational structure, job descriptions, knowledge bases, templates, etc.
  6. Interviews  with process owners and key players are conducted.
  7. Graphical representation of processes and their main indicators is formed.
  8. Description of business processes presented to project participants for feedback, after what corrections are being made to improve it.
  9. Initial proposals on optimization of current activity and their substantiation are presented.
  10. Presentation of business processes graphic part is made.
  11. A collection of metrics for each specific process is launched to implement the next optimization step on the basis of the collected data..
  12. Processes description can take place simultaneously in several directions.


  • all levels business processes map;
  • a fixed list of process owners;
  • list of all processes indicators;
  • description of the processes results and requirements;
  • detailed business process models;
  • responsibility matrix;
  • personnel understanding and support of the changes project in the company;
  • initial suggestions for improvement;
  • a company ready to scale and launch new destinations;
  • following optimization steps map;
  • combining the strategy of the company with the operational activity through specific processes and their indicators;
  • increase of the company’s investment attractiveness.

MANAGEABLE is convinced that the formalization of business processes is one of the important steps and stages of company development, the key to effective change and transformation, the transition to system business.